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02086   Horse Track Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
11073   Horsecamp Mountain, CA 7.5-minute topo
00592   Hot Creek Butte, NV 7.5-minute topo
00591   Hot Creek, NV 7.5-minute topo
00593   Hot Pot, NV 7.5-minute topo
00594   Hot Springs Creek, NV 7.5-minute topo
01712   Hot Springs Flat (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02087   Hot Springs Peak (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00595   Hot Springs Peak, NV 15-minute topographic map
M025   Hot springs, sinter deposits, and volcanic cinder cones in Nevada [SEE ALSO BULLETIN 91 PLATE AND MAP 52]
13462   Hotlum (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
02088   Howard Hot Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02089   Hu-Pwi Wash (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00596   Hualapai Flat North, NV 7.5-minute topo
00597   Hualapai Flat South, NV 7.5-minute topo
00598   Hubbard Basin, NV 7.5-minute topo
11078   Hull Creek, CA 7.5-minute topo
00599   Humboldt Hill, NV 7.5-minute topo
13696   Humboldt Peak (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
00600   Humboldt Peak, NV 7.5-minute topo
E032   Humboldt River system
02090   Humboldt Salt Marsh (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00601   Humboldt Salt Marsh, NV 15-minute topographic map
13697   Humbug Valley (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13698   Hume (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
00603   Hunter Point (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
GPS3   Hunter's guide to GPS
00602   Hunter, NV 7.5-minute topo
11084   Huntington Lake, CA 7.5-minute topo
02091   Huntoon Spring, NV 7.5-minute topo
02092   Huntoon Valley (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00604   Huntoon Valley, NV 15-minute topographic map
00605   Huntsman Ranch, NV 7.5-minute topo
02093   Hussman Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00606   Hyde Well, NV 7.5-minute topo
OF2000-02   Hydrocarbon assessment of the Yucca Mountain vicinity, Nye County, Nevada [PRINTOUT]
NPS13c   Hydrocarbon habitat & special geologic problems of the Great Basin [CD-ROM]
NPS13y   Hydrocarbon habitat & special geologic problems of the Great Basin [SOFTGOOD]
RI8593   Hydrogen chloride sparging crystallization of aluminum chloride hexahydrate
RI8930   Hydrogen chloride sparging crystallization of the chloride salts of cobalt, manganese, and nickel
RI8631   Hydrogenation catalysts from intermetallic compounds
WRIR1   Hydrogeologic framework and ground-water levels, 1982 and 1996, middle Humboldt River Basin, north-central Nevada
OF1986-04   Hydrology, South Lake Tahoe quadrangle, Nevada and California
02094   I L Ranch (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00607   I X L Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
01494   Iceberg Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00608   Iceberg Canyon, NV 15-minute topographic map
PC005n   Ichthyosaurs [NOTECARD]
PC005   Ichthyosaurs [POSTCARD]
02095   Idaho Canyon Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00609   Idaho Canyon, NV 15-minute topographic map
11097   Igo, CA 7.5-minute topo
11098   Illinois Hill, CA 7.5-minute topo
02096   Illipah (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00610   Illipah, NV 15-minute topographic map
02097   Imlay (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00611   Imlay, NV 15-minute topographic map
RI9559   Improved grindability of talonite ores by microwave heating
RI8612   Improvements in heap leaching to recover silver and gold from low- grade resources
E041   In search of "the right tuff" but you can just "take it for granite"
E050   In search of tufa, tuff, and tough rocks-guide for the Earth Science Week field trip [COLOR]
RI8833   Increasing the leaching rate of bulk superalloy scrap by melting with aluminum
11102   Independence Lake, CA 7.5-minute topo
00612   Independence Valley NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
00613   Independence Valley NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
00614   Independence Valley SE, NV 7.5-minute topo
00615   Independence Valley SW, NV 7.5-minute topo
12877   Independence, CA 7.5-minute topo
B072a   Index to Bulletin 72, Correlation of Great Basin stratigraphic units
L005   Index to geothermal well files housed at NBMG [PHOTOCOPY]
L011   Index to NBMG mining district files: NVGEODEX [SUPERSEDED BY OPEN-FILE REPORTS 07-6 and 10-8]
OF1987-01   Index to Nevada stratigraphic units mentioned in NBMG Bulletins and Reports
00616   Indian Cove, NV 7.5-minute topo
14002   Indian Garden Creek (PV), CA-NV 7.5-minute topo
02099   Indian Garden Mtn (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
11105   Indian Gulch, CA 7.5-minute topo
00617   Indian Head Peak, NV 7.5-minute topo
01648   Indian Lakes (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
13448   Indian Meadows (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13699   Indian Spring Mtn (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
00621   Indian Springs Knolls, NV 7.5-minute topo
00622   Indian Springs NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
00623   Indian Springs SE, NV 7.5-minute topo
02514r   Indian Springs, NV 100K (rolled)
02514   Indian Springs, NV 100K topo
02514b   Indian Springs, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
00620   Indian Springs, NV 7.5-minute topo
OF1996-02-08   Indicators of subsurface basin geometry in Nevada (Chapter 8 from Open-File Report 96-2: An analysis of Nevada's metal-bearing mineral resources) [TEXT AND 1 PLATE]
R023   Induced polarization (resistivity) and magnetic surveys of altered Tertiary volcanic rocks near Reno, Nevada
M142   Industrial mineral deposits in Nevada [MAP AND TEXT]
M142a   Industrial mineral deposits in Nevada [MAP ONLY]
R014   Industrial mineral deposits of Mineral County, Nevada [OUT OF PRINT]
M046   Industrial mineral deposits of Nevada [SUPERSEDED BY MAP 142, SUPERSEDES MAP 27]
USGSB   Industrial minerals in the Basin & Range
M027   Industrial minerals of Nevada [SUPERSEDED BY MAP 142]
14105   Infernal Caverns (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
02100   Inskip Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
RI8770   Integrated operation of ferric chloride leaching, molten-salt electrolysis process for production of lead
OF1997-02   Interactive index of geological mapping in Nevada [SUPERSEDED BY OPEN-FILE REPORT 02-1]
R020   Interbasin ground-water flow in southern Nevada
B066   Interpretation of leached outcrops [BOOK]
B066y   Interpretation of leached outcrops [SOFTGOOD]
R037   Interpretation of the Bouguer gravity map of Nevada, Caliente sheet
R038   Interpretation of the Bouguer gravity map of Nevada, Tonopah sheet
OF1996-02-01   Introduction [CHAPTER 1 FROM OF1996-02: TEXT ONLY]
B110   Intrusion-related, polymetallic carbonate replacement deposits in the Eureka district, Eureka County, Nevada
OF1986-01   Invertebrate and paleobotanical fossils collected in Elko County, Nevada
RI8125   Investigation of a cell design for electrowinning zirconium metal from zirconium tetrachloride
RI8850   Investigation of methods for producting reactor-grade zirconium oxide from a zirconium-bearing chloride-sulfate strip liquor solution
OF1983-08   Investigation of the mineral potential of the Clipper Gap, Lone Mountain-Weepah, and Pipe Spring plutons, Nevada
R003   Investigation of titanium occurrences in Nevada
13378   Inwood (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
FSC10   Inyo National Forest
RI9601   Ion elutriation of silver and free cyanide from wastewater
02101   Ione (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02102   Ione NW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02103   Ione SW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01633   Ione Valley, NV 100K topo
01633b   Ione Valley, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
11115   Ione, CA 7.5-minute topo
00624   Ione, NV 15-minute topographic map
01533   Ireteba Peaks (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
11120   Irish Hill, CA 7.5-minute topo
RI8634   Iron extraction from simulated aluminum nitrate leach liquor
00629   Iron Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
B053a   Iron ore deposits of Nevada: Part A. Geology and iron ore deposits of the Buena Vista Hills, Churchill and Pershing counties, Nevada [PRINT-ON-DEMAND COPY]
B053b   Iron ore deposits of Nevada: Part B. Iron ore deposits of west-central Nevada
B053c   Iron ore deposits of Nevada: Part C. Iron ore deposits of northern Nevada
M005   Iron ore occurrences in Nevada [OUT OF PRINT]
00630   Iron Point, NV 7.5-minute topo
14164   Isabella Lake, CA 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
00631   Islen, NV 7.5-minute topo
I2687   Isostatic gravity map of the Battle Mountain 30 x 60 minute quadrangle, north-central Nevada
R010   Isotopic age determinations of Nevada rocks [OUT OF PRINT]
13266   Ivanpah Lake, CA-NV 7.5-minute topo
13374   Ivanpah, CA-NV 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
13374b   Ivanpah, CA-NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
11134   Ivanpah, CA-NV 15-minute topographic map
00632   Izzenhood Gap, NV 7.5-minute topo
00633   Izzenhood Ranch, NV 7.5-minute topo
00634   Izzenhood Spring, NV 7.5-minute topo
13701   Jackass Canyon (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
00635   Jackass Flats, NV 7.5-minute topo
02104   Jackpot (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00638r   Jackpot, NV 100K (rolled)
00638   Jackpot, NV 100K topo
00638b   Jackpot, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
02105   Jackrabbit Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
13390   Jacks Backbone (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13702   Jacks Butte (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
00639   Jacks Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
02106   Jacks Peak (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00640   Jacks Spring, NV 7.5-minute topo
01654   Jackson Mts., NV 100K topo
01654b   Jackson Mts., NV 100K topo BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
00645   Jackson Spring, NV 7.5-minute topo
00646   Jackson Well (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
11137   Jackson, CA 7.5-minute topo
13703   Jail Canyon (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
00647   Jake Creek Mtn, NV 7.5-minute topo
11144   Janesville, CA 7.5-minute topo
00648   Jangle Ridge, NV 7.5-minute topo
00652   Jarbidge Mountains, NV 100K topo
00652b   Jarbidge Mountains, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
02107   Jarbidge North (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02108   Jarbidge South (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
FSN06   Jarbidge Wilderness (Humboldt National Forest)
00649   Jarbidge, NV 15-minute topographic map
11145   Jawbone Ridge, CA 7.5-minute topo
00653   Jayhawk Well, NV 7.5-minute topo
02109   Jean (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00654   Jefferson, NV 7.5-minute topo
13704   Jellico (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
11147   Jenny Lind, CA 7.5-minute topo
02110   Jersey Summit (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
11150   Jess Valley, CA 7.5-minute topo
01721   Jessup (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00655   Jet Spring, NV 7.5-minute topo
01786   Jiggs (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00656   Jiggs, NV 15-minute topographic map
00657   Job Peak, NV 7.5-minute topo
00658   Joe Eason Mtn, NV 7.5-minute topo
13705   Johnson Peak (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13706   Johnsondale (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13707   Johnstonville (PV) 7.5-minute topo
11156   Johnsville, CA 7.5-minute topo
13708   Jonesville (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
02111   Jordan Meadow (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02112   Jordan Meadow Mountain (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02113   Jordan Meadow NW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00659   Jordan Meadow, NV 15-minute topographic map
32231   Judd Mountain (PV), UT-NV 7.5-minute topo
01534   Jumbo Peak (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
00660   Junction Well (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
13401   June Lake (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
00661   Jungo NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
00662   Jungo, NV 7.5-minute topo
00663   Juniper Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
11166   Juniper Hills, CA 7.5-minute topo
01535   Juniper Mine (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo

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