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RI8720   Recovery of tungsten from a hydrothermally altered deposit
RI8133   Recovery of zinc from zinc chloride by fused-salt electrolysis
GG12   Recreational gold prospecting for fun and profit
11983   Red Bluff, CA 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
02264   Red Butte (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
11987   Red Cinder, CA 7.5-minute topo
02265   Red Cow Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01043   Red House Flat East, NV 7.5-minute topo
02266   Red House Flat West (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01044   Red Ledges, NV 7.5-minute topo
01045   Red Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
02267   Red Ridge (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01046   Red Ring Mtn, NV 7.5-minute topo
01047   Red Rock Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
13337   Red Rock Lakes (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
01759   Red Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
13205   Redding, CA 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
11994   Redding, CA 7.5-minute topo
02268   Redrock Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
E021   Reducing radon in Nevada homes (brochure)
RI7906   Reduction of tetravalent cerium and Its application to stripping from tri-n-butyl phosphate
01048   Reed Station, NV 7.5-minute topo
02269   Reeds Ranch (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02270   Reese River Butte (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02271   Reese River Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
OF2003-03   Reevaluation of pre-1900 earthquakes in western Nevada
MF1877B   Regional geochemical maps of the Tonopah 1 degree by 2 degree quadrangle, Nevada, based on samples of stream sediment and nonmagnetic heavy-mineral concentrate
M094B   Regional, residual, and derivative gravity maps of Nevada [6 MAPS ON 4 SHEETS]
01486   Reipetown, NV 15-minute topographic map
B069   Relation of some metal mining districts in the western United States to regional tectonic environments and igneous activity [OUT OF PRINT]
UM4Ai   Reno folio: Earthquake hazards map
UM4Ah   Reno folio: Energy and mineral resources map
UM4Ag   Reno folio: Geologic map
UM4Agz   Reno folio: Geologic map [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]
UM4Af   Reno folio: Hydrologic map
UM4Ac   Reno folio: Land use map
UM4Aj   Reno folio: Physical properties map
UM4Ab   Reno folio: Slope map
UM4Ad   Reno folio: Soil map
UM4Aa   Reno folio: Tinted relief map
UM4Ae   Reno folio: Vegetation map
UM4Cb   Reno NE folio: Slope map
UM4Ci   Reno NE quadrangle: Earthquake hazards map [SEE ALSO OPEN-FILE REPORT 1987-05]
UM4Cgz   Reno NE quadrangle: Geologic map [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]
UM4Cg   Reno NE quadrangle: Geologic map [SEE ALSO OPEN-FILE REPORT 1987-05]
01057   Reno NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
UM4Db   Reno NW folio: Slope map
UM4Di   Reno NW quadrangle: Earthquake hazards map
UM4Dg   Reno NW quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Dgz   Reno NW quadrangle: Geologic map [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]
01058   Reno NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
UM4Aw   Reno quadrangle folio
UM4Awo   Reno quadrangle folio text
01053   Reno, NV 100K topo
01053b   Reno, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
01056   Reno, NV 15-minute topographic map
02532   Reno, NV 250K (1 x 2 degree) topo
01055   Reno, NV 7.5-minute topo
OF1982-09   Reserves, host rocks, and ages of bulk-minable precious metal deposits in Nevada
OF2006-12-15   Restricted lands (Plate 15 from Open-File Report 06-12: Potential resources associated with proposed roadless areas in Nevada, second edition) [PLATE 15 AND TEXT]
OF1983-12   Results of geochemical sampling within Esmeralda-Stateline Resource Area, Esmeralda, Clark, and southern Nye counties, Nevada (portions of Death Valley, Goldfield, Kingman, Las Vegas, Mariposa and Tonopah 2-degree sheets)
OF1983-02   Results of geochemical sampling within the Egan Resource Area, White Pine, Nye, and Lincoln counties, Nevada (portions of the Ely, Lund, and Elko 2-degree sheets)
OF1983-10   Results of geochemical sampling within the Elko Resource Area, Elko, Eureka, Lander counties, Nevada (portions of the Elko, McDermitt, Wells, and Winnemucca 2-degree sheets)
OF1981-03   Results of geochemical sampling within the Wells Resource Area, Elko County, Nevada, (portions of the Wells and Elko 2-degree sheets)
OF1980-07   Results of leveling across fault scarps in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April 1978-June, 1980 [OUT OF PRINT]
OF1982-10   Results of leveling across fault scarps in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April, 1978-March, 1982 [OUT OF PRINT]
OF1987-07   Results of leveling across fault scarps in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April, 1978-April, 1987
OF1981-05   Results of leveling across Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April, 1978-June, 1981 [OUT OF PRINT]
OF1983-04   Results of the geochemical sampling within the Shoshone-Eureka Resource Area, Eureka, Lander, and Nye counties, Nevada (portions of the Millett, Winnemucca, and Tonopah 2-degree sheets)
02272   Reveille Peak (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02273   Reveille Peak NW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02274   Reveille Peak SE (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01061   Reveille Peak, NV 15-minute topographic map
01062   Reveille SE (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01059   Reveille, NV 15-minute topographic map
01060   Reveille, NV 7.5-minute topo
12844   Revenue Canyon (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
B034   Revisions in the Cambrian stratigraphy of the Pioche district, Nevada [PHOTOCOPY]
02275   Reynard (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02276   Rhyolite Knob (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02277   Rhyolite Ridge (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02278   Rhyolite Ridge NE (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02279   Rhyolite Ridge NW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02280   Rhyolite Ridge SW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01063   Rhyolite Ridge, NV 15-minute topographic map
01064   Rice Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
41950   Riddle, ID 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
12021   Ridgecrest North, CA 7.5-minute topo
12022   Ridgecrest South, CA 7.5-minute topo
14148   Ridgecrest, CA 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
01066   Riepetown, NV 15-minute topographic map
01065   Riepetown, NV 7.5-minute topo
13846   Rimrock Lake (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
21199   Ringbolt Rapids, AZ-NV 7.5-minute topo
02515   Risue Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
13456   River Spring (PV), CA-NV 7.5-minute topo
01550   Riverside (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02281   Riverside Ranch (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12039   Riverton, CA 7.5-minute topo
01604   Roach (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01067   Roach Lake, NV 15-minute topographic map
OF1984-03   Road log-trip guide, SEG Precious Metals Field Trip, Fall 1984 [SUPERSEDED BY REPORT 40]
MP01   Roadside geology of Nevada
13848   Roaring Creek (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
12040   Robbs Peak, CA 15-minute topographic map
12041   Robbs Peak, CA 7.5-minute topo
02282   Roberts Creek Mtn (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01068   Roberts Creek Mtn., NV 15-minute topographic map
02283   Robinson Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01736   Robinson Mtn (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01069   Robinson Mtn., NV 15-minute topographic map
02284   Robinson Summit (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02285   Rochester (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01070   Rochester Mining District, NV 7.5-minute topo
01071   Rock Creek Ranch, NV 7.5-minute topo
01072   Rock Hill, NV 7.5-minute topo
02287   Rock Spring Table (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01073   Rock Spring Table, NV 15-minute topographic map
01790   Rock Springs Pass (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12043   Rockbound Valley (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13849   Rockhouse Basin (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
E045   Rockin' along the river
12044   Rocklin, CA 7.5-minute topo
GG17   Rocks and minerals (DK Pockets)
GG22   Rocks and minerals (DK Smithsonian Handbooks)
GG19   Rocks and minerals cards
GG20   Rocks from space--meteorites and meteorite hunters (second edition)
SP029   Rocks, gemstones, minerals, and fossils in Nevada
01074   Rocky Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
01791   Rocky Hills (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02288   Rocky Pass (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01075   Rodear Flat, NV 7.5-minute topo
01076   Rodeo Creek NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01077   Rodeo Creek NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
01078   Rodeo Creek SW, NV 7.5-minute topo
41996   Rogerson, ID-NV 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
41996b   Rogerson, ID-NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
02289   Roller Coaster Knob (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
NP17   Romancing Nevada's past: Ghost towns and historic sites of Eureka, Lander, and White Pine Counties
12053   Roop Mountain, CA 7.5-minute topo
01080   Rose Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01082   Rose Creek Mtn (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01079   Rose Creek, NV 15-minute topographic map
01083   Rose Valley, NV 7.5-minute topo
01084   Rosencrans Knolls, NV 7.5-minute topo
E010   Rotary drilling (Instructor's manual)
12059   Rough and Ready, CA 7.5-minute topo
13851   Rough Spur (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
01085   Round Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
13050   Rovana, CA 7.5-minute topo
01086   Rowland, NV 15-minute topographic map
01088   Rox NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01089   Rox SE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01087   Rox, NV 7.5-minute topo
12061   Royal Gorge, CA 7.5-minute topo
01090   Rubber Hill, NV 7.5-minute topo
01551   Ruby City Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02290   Ruby Dome (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01093   Ruby Lake NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01094   Ruby Lake NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
01095   Ruby Lake SE, NV 7.5-minute topo
02505   Ruby Lake, NV 100K topo
02505b   Ruby Lake, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
FSN20   Ruby Mountains and East Humboldt Wildernesses (Humboldt National Forest)
FSN02   Ruby Mountains Ranger District (Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest)
02291   Ruby Valley School (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12064   Rush Creek Lakes (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
01747   Russell Peak (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02292   Russell Spit (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01096   Russells, NV 7.5-minute topo
01097   Ruth, NV 7.5-minute topo
13852   Ryan (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
02293   Ryan Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12067   Ryan, CA 15-minute topographic map
01098   Rye Creek, NV 7.5-minute topo
01099   Rye Patch Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
02294   Rye Patch Dam (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01100   Rye Patch Res North, NV 7.5-minute topo
01101   Rye Patch Res South, NV 7.5-minute topo
01102   Ryndon, NV 7.5-minute topo
13853   Sacatar Canyon (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
02295   Sacramento Pass (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01103   Sacramento Pass, NV 15-minute topographic map
14161   Sacramento, CA (30 x 60 minute) topo
14064   Sacramento, CA 250K (1 x 2 degree) topo
01748   Sadler Basin (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01104   Sage Hen Hills, NV 7.5-minute topo
01105   Sage Hen Spring, NV 7.5-minute topo
13855   Sagebrush Butte (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
12791   Said Valley (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13993   Saline Peak (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13228r   Saline Valley, CA 100K (rolled)
13228   Saline Valley, CA-NV 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
13228b   Saline Valley, CA-NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
01627   Salt Cave (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02470   Salt Marsh Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01106   Salt Marsh, NV 7.5-minute topo
12087   Salt Spring Valley, CA 7.5-minute topo
02297   Salt Water Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02298   Sammy Springs (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo

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