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RI8563   Recovery of byproduct heavy minerals from sand and gravel operations in oregon and washington
RI9512   Recovery of flake graphite from steelmaking kish
RI8458   Recovery of gold from arsenopyrite concentrates by cyanidation-carbon adsorption
RI9277   Recovery of lead and silver from plumbojarosite by hydrothermal sulfidation and chloride leaching
RI9400   Recovery of manganese from steel plant slag by carbamate leaching
RI9140   Recovery of mercury from concentrates by cupric chloride leaching and aqueous electrolysis
RI8970   Recovery of platinum, palladium, and gold from stillwater complex flotation concentrate by a roasting-leaching procedure
RI8717   Recovery of platinum-group metals from stillwater complex, mont., flotation concentrates by matte smelting and leaching
RI8716   Recovery of scheelite and byproduct sphalerite from western U. S. tactite ores
RI8733   Recovery of sulfur and accessory metals from a leaching process residue
RI8720   Recovery of tungsten from a hydrothermally altered deposit
RI8133   Recovery of zinc from zinc chloride by fused-salt electrolysis
GG12   Recreational gold prospecting for fun and profit
11983   Red Bluff, CA 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
02264   Red Butte (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
11987   Red Cinder, CA 7.5-minute topo
02265   Red Cow Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01043   Red House Flat East, NV 7.5-minute topo
02266   Red House Flat West (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01044   Red Ledges, NV 7.5-minute topo
01045   Red Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
02267   Red Ridge (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01046   Red Ring Mtn, NV 7.5-minute topo
01047   Red Rock Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
13337   Red Rock Lakes (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
01759   Red Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
13205   Redding, CA 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
11994   Redding, CA 7.5-minute topo
02268   Redrock Spring (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
E021   Reducing radon in Nevada homes (brochure)
RI7906   Reduction of tetravalent cerium and Its application to stripping from tri-n-butyl phosphate
01048   Reed Station, NV 7.5-minute topo
02269   Reeds Ranch (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02270   Reese River Butte (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02271   Reese River Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
OF2003-03   Reevaluation of pre-1900 earthquakes in western Nevada
MF1877B   Regional geochemical maps of the Tonopah 1 degree by 2 degree quadrangle, Nevada, based on samples of stream sediment and nonmagnetic heavy-mineral concentrate
M094B   Regional, residual, and derivative gravity maps of Nevada [6 MAPS ON 4 SHEETS]
01486   Reipetown, NV 15-minute topographic map
B069   Relation of some metal mining districts in the western United States to regional tectonic environments and igneous activity [OUT OF PRINT]
UM4Ai   Reno folio: Earthquake hazards map
UM4Ah   Reno folio: Energy and mineral resources map
UM4Ag   Reno folio: Geologic map
UM4Agz   Reno folio: Geologic map [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]
UM4Af   Reno folio: Hydrologic map
UM4Ac   Reno folio: Land use map
UM4Aj   Reno folio: Physical properties map
UM4Ab   Reno folio: Slope map
UM4Ad   Reno folio: Soil map
UM4Aa   Reno folio: Tinted relief map
UM4Ae   Reno folio: Vegetation map
UM4Cb   Reno NE folio: Slope map
UM4Ci   Reno NE quadrangle: Earthquake hazards map [SEE ALSO OPEN-FILE REPORT 1987-05]
UM4Cgz   Reno NE quadrangle: Geologic map [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]
UM4Cg   Reno NE quadrangle: Geologic map [SEE ALSO OPEN-FILE REPORT 1987-05]
01057   Reno NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
UM4Db   Reno NW folio: Slope map
UM4Di   Reno NW quadrangle: Earthquake hazards map
UM4Dg   Reno NW quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Dgz   Reno NW quadrangle: Geologic map [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]
01058   Reno NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
UM4Aw   Reno quadrangle folio
UM4Awo   Reno quadrangle folio text
01053   Reno, NV 100K topo
01053b   Reno, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
01056   Reno, NV 15-minute topographic map
02532   Reno, NV 250K (1 x 2 degree) topo
01055   Reno, NV 7.5-minute topo
OF1982-09   Reserves, host rocks, and ages of bulk-minable precious metal deposits in Nevada
OF2006-12-15   Restricted lands (Plate 15 from Open-File Report 06-12: Potential resources associated with proposed roadless areas in Nevada, second edition) [PLATE 15 AND TEXT]
OF1983-12   Results of geochemical sampling within Esmeralda-Stateline Resource Area, Esmeralda, Clark, and southern Nye counties, Nevada (portions of Death Valley, Goldfield, Kingman, Las Vegas, Mariposa and Tonopah 2-degree sheets)
OF1983-02   Results of geochemical sampling within the Egan Resource Area, White Pine, Nye, and Lincoln counties, Nevada (portions of the Ely, Lund, and Elko 2-degree sheets)
OF1983-10   Results of geochemical sampling within the Elko Resource Area, Elko, Eureka, Lander counties, Nevada (portions of the Elko, McDermitt, Wells, and Winnemucca 2-degree sheets)
OF1981-03   Results of geochemical sampling within the Wells Resource Area, Elko County, Nevada, (portions of the Wells and Elko 2-degree sheets)
OF1980-07   Results of leveling across fault scarps in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April 1978-June, 1980 [OUT OF PRINT]
OF1982-10   Results of leveling across fault scarps in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April, 1978-March, 1982 [OUT OF PRINT]
OF1987-07   Results of leveling across fault scarps in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April, 1978-April, 1987
OF1981-05   Results of leveling across Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, April, 1978-June, 1981 [OUT OF PRINT]
OF1983-04   Results of the geochemical sampling within the Shoshone-Eureka Resource Area, Eureka, Lander, and Nye counties, Nevada (portions of the Millett, Winnemucca, and Tonopah 2-degree sheets)
02272   Reveille Peak (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02273   Reveille Peak NW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02274   Reveille Peak SE (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01061   Reveille Peak, NV 15-minute topographic map
01062   Reveille SE (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01059   Reveille, NV 15-minute topographic map
01060   Reveille, NV 7.5-minute topo
12844   Revenue Canyon (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
B034   Revisions in the Cambrian stratigraphy of the Pioche district, Nevada [PHOTOCOPY]
02275   Reynard (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02276   Rhyolite Knob (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02277   Rhyolite Ridge (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02278   Rhyolite Ridge NE (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02279   Rhyolite Ridge NW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02280   Rhyolite Ridge SW (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01063   Rhyolite Ridge, NV 15-minute topographic map
01064   Rice Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
41950   Riddle, ID 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
12021   Ridgecrest North, CA 7.5-minute topo
12022   Ridgecrest South, CA 7.5-minute topo
14148   Ridgecrest, CA 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
01066   Riepetown, NV 15-minute topographic map
01065   Riepetown, NV 7.5-minute topo
13846   Rimrock Lake (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
21199   Ringbolt Rapids, AZ-NV 7.5-minute topo
02515   Risue Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
13456   River Spring (PV), CA-NV 7.5-minute topo
01550   Riverside (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02281   Riverside Ranch (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12039   Riverton, CA 7.5-minute topo
01604   Roach (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01067   Roach Lake, NV 15-minute topographic map
OF1984-03   Road log-trip guide, SEG Precious Metals Field Trip, Fall 1984 [SUPERSEDED BY REPORT 40]
MP01   Roadside geology of Nevada
13848   Roaring Creek (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
12040   Robbs Peak, CA 15-minute topographic map
12041   Robbs Peak, CA 7.5-minute topo
02282   Roberts Creek Mtn (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01068   Roberts Creek Mtn., NV 15-minute topographic map
02283   Robinson Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01736   Robinson Mtn (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01069   Robinson Mtn., NV 15-minute topographic map
02284   Robinson Summit (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02285   Rochester (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01070   Rochester Mining District, NV 7.5-minute topo
01071   Rock Creek Ranch, NV 7.5-minute topo
01072   Rock Hill, NV 7.5-minute topo
02287   Rock Spring Table (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01073   Rock Spring Table, NV 15-minute topographic map
01790   Rock Springs Pass (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12043   Rockbound Valley (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
13849   Rockhouse Basin (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
E045   Rockin' along the river
12044   Rocklin, CA 7.5-minute topo
GG17   Rocks and minerals (DK Pockets)
GG22   Rocks and minerals (DK Smithsonian Handbooks)
GG19   Rocks and minerals cards
GG20   Rocks from space--meteorites and meteorite hunters (second edition)
SP029   Rocks, gemstones, minerals, and fossils in Nevada
01074   Rocky Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
01791   Rocky Hills (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02288   Rocky Pass (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01075   Rodear Flat, NV 7.5-minute topo
01076   Rodeo Creek NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01077   Rodeo Creek NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
01078   Rodeo Creek SW, NV 7.5-minute topo
41996   Rogerson, ID-NV 100K (30 x 60 minute) topo
41996b   Rogerson, ID-NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
02289   Roller Coaster Knob (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
NP17   Romancing Nevada's past: Ghost towns and historic sites of Eureka, Lander, and White Pine Counties
12053   Roop Mountain, CA 7.5-minute topo
01080   Rose Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01082   Rose Creek Mtn (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01079   Rose Creek, NV 15-minute topographic map
01083   Rose Valley, NV 7.5-minute topo
01084   Rosencrans Knolls, NV 7.5-minute topo
E010   Rotary drilling (Instructor's manual)
12059   Rough and Ready, CA 7.5-minute topo
13851   Rough Spur (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
01085   Round Mountain, NV 7.5-minute topo
13050   Rovana, CA 7.5-minute topo
01086   Rowland, NV 15-minute topographic map
01088   Rox NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01089   Rox SE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01087   Rox, NV 7.5-minute topo
12061   Royal Gorge, CA 7.5-minute topo
01090   Rubber Hill, NV 7.5-minute topo
01551   Ruby City Creek (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02290   Ruby Dome (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01093   Ruby Lake NE, NV 7.5-minute topo
01094   Ruby Lake NW, NV 7.5-minute topo
01095   Ruby Lake SE, NV 7.5-minute topo
02505   Ruby Lake, NV 100K topo
02505b   Ruby Lake, NV 100K topo, BLM surface management status [BLM EDITION]
FSN20   Ruby Mountains and East Humboldt Wildernesses (Humboldt National Forest)
FSN02   Ruby Mountains Ranger District (Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest)
02291   Ruby Valley School (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12064   Rush Creek Lakes (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
01747   Russell Peak (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
02292   Russell Spit (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01096   Russells, NV 7.5-minute topo
01097   Ruth, NV 7.5-minute topo
13852   Ryan (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
02293   Ryan Canyon (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
12067   Ryan, CA 15-minute topographic map
01098   Rye Creek, NV 7.5-minute topo
01099   Rye Patch Canyon, NV 7.5-minute topo
02294   Rye Patch Dam (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01100   Rye Patch Res North, NV 7.5-minute topo
01101   Rye Patch Res South, NV 7.5-minute topo
01102   Ryndon, NV 7.5-minute topo
13853   Sacatar Canyon (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
02295   Sacramento Pass (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01103   Sacramento Pass, NV 15-minute topographic map
14161   Sacramento, CA (30 x 60 minute) topo
14064   Sacramento, CA 250K (1 x 2 degree) topo
01748   Sadler Basin (PV), NV 7.5-minute topo
01104   Sage Hen Hills, NV 7.5-minute topo
01105   Sage Hen Spring, NV 7.5-minute topo
13855   Sagebrush Butte (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo
12791   Said Valley (PV), CA 7.5-minute topo

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