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Geologic map of the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada [MAP AND TEXT, ROLLED ONLY]


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Title:  Geologic map of the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada
Author:  compiled by George J. Saucedo and digitized by Jason D. Little, Sarah E. Watkins, Jennifer R. Davis, Marina T. Mascorro, Victoria D. Walker, and Eric W. Ford

Year:  2005
Series No.:  
Format:  plate: 27 x 39 inches, color; text: 25 pages (page 18 in color)
Scale:  1:100,000

This 1:100,000-scale map was compiled and digitized from existing published and unpublished geologic maps covering the area between latitudes 38° 37' 30" and 39° 22' 30" north and 119° 52' 30" and 120° 15' 00" west longitude. The geologic map is superimposed on a shaded-relief image that depicts the bathymetry of the lake bottom as well as the topography of the basin uplands. A pamphlet containing a geologic summary, description and correlation of map units, sources of mapping, and references is also included.  Also available folded (RGM4).

Original Product Code:  RGM4a