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Hallelujah Junction!
Hallelujah Junction!

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Title: Hallelujah Junction!

Author: The Mineralogical Record
Year: 2022
Series: March-April 2022, volume 53, number 2

This March-April 2022 issue of The Mineralogical Record includes this article:

"The Hallelujah Junction Scepter Quartz Deposit: Petersen Mountain, Nevada," by Ian Merkel, Paul Geffner, Joe George, and Rick Kennedy (pages 205-239)

"The Hallelujah Junction locality, known to mineral collectors for over 70 years, has produced a continuous supply of smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine and ametrine specimens, including the largest and finest smoky quartz scepters found in all of North America. The authors, mining for specimens on the Nevada side of the mountain, have witnessed the discovery of many fantastic pockets that have set a new standard of quality for the occurrence." (abstract from the article)

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