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Active mines and oil fields in Nevada, 1976 [OUT OF PRINT]


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Product Code: M055

Title:  Active mines and oil fields in Nevada, 1976
Author:  Anthony L. Payne and Keith G. Papke
Year:  1977
Series No.:  Map 55
Version:  superseded by Maps 72, 84, 170 and Open-File Reports 98-9, 99-16, 02-2, 03-30, 04-12, 05-12, and 10-5
Format:  32 x 29 inches, four color
Scale:  1:1,000,000

Location map of active metal and industrial mineral mines and oil fields; on topographic base with township and range grid; list of mines and operators by commodity.  For later information, consult Maps 72 and 84 and NBMG annual reports on The Nevada Mineral Industry MI subseries of Special Publications. Also see Superseded by Bulletin 104 and Open-File Report 98-9.  

Original Product Code:  M55