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Nevada Mineral Explorer - NEW APP
This web application was developed as a tool for explorationists to identify and discover mineral resources throughout Nevada.

NBMG Interactive Maps and Data
This page is still available but has been superseded by the NBMG Open Data page above.

NBMG GIS Data for Published Maps and Reports


With the help of the University of Nevada IT staff, the NBMG Cart/GIS group recently completed a major server upgrade for most of our web applications and GIS services that are available from the Open Data and Maps & Data pages of our website.

As a result of this server upgrade, most of our applications are now supported on desktop and mobile devices, cross platform (Apple, Windows, and Android), and with increased performance and stability.

Please note that some applications/web maps now also have new, simplified URLs. Be sure to update any bookmarks you may have to point to these new URLs.

Mining Districts
1:500K Geologic Map of NV
43-101 Reports
MyPlan (requires login for authorized users only)
Oil & Gas
Quaternary Faults
Renewable Energy
Reno Minerals
Topographic Maps