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Hints for Keyword Searching

Search terms are not case sensitive.

Use up to four of the most important keywords for your search terms. Omit words such as "the" and "in" and "of."

Use root words. If you want to search for geophysical information, type "geophys" to retrieve all results related to that root word--for example, geophysics and geophysical.

Using root words is also helpful in searching for geographic names such as Mount Rose. Searching for "Rose" will bring up "Mount Rose" and "Mt Rose" and "Mt. Rose" so you won't miss any search results.

If you want to find a geologic map of the Eugene Mountains, you might first try "Eugene geolog" to see if that retrieves the result you want. If you want GIS information for Clark County, search for "GIS Clark" to start.

The page that displays the search results will also allow you to limit the results by publication category.

Accessing Free Downloads

You can access the familiar "Online Documents" list by typing "dox" in the search box in the upper right corner of the cart. You may further limit your search results by adding another keyword to your original search phrase such as "dox Elko."

To access free downloads, go to the publication landing page by clicking on the blue title in the search results list and go to the "Free Downloads" tab.

Here are other places to do keyword searches for NBMG publications and/or Nevada geology and mining.

Nevada Geologic Maps
(interactive map search)

National Geologic Map Database
You can do a spatial or keyword search on this USGS site.
Go to "Publisher" at bottom to limit to NBMG.
Go to "Map Catalog" and select "Nevada" for location and "USGS/AASG" for publisher.
This database currently does not contain a complete listing of all NBMG publications but will be updated soon.

NBMG Mining District Files
The NBMG Mining District Files consist largely of historical and current maps, reports, articles, photographs, correspondence, assays, production reports, and reserve information on all aspects of mining in Nevada. These have largely been donated to the NBMG over the years from individuals, companies, and other government agencies.