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Carson rocks! A sesquicentennial celebration of some our our capital city's geological high points

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Title: Carson rocks! A sesquicentennial celebration of some our our capital city's geological high points

Author: D.D. LaPointe, Jonathan G. Price, and Winnie Kortemeier
Year: 2014
Series: Educational Series 56
Format: 14 pages (includes 1 color)

In recognition of Nevada’s 150th birthday, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG) is moving its 17th annual Earth Science Week public field trip south in 2014 to the hills around Carson City—to explore some of the geological features that have made this such an exciting place for people to live and that continue to shape its development today. The theme of National Earth Science Week 2014 is “Earth’s Connected Systems” and participants are encouraged to explore the interactions between Earth’s geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere as we explore several sites on our travels today. More information on National Earth Science Week is available at this website: http://www.earthsciweek.org/materials/index.html

This year NBMG is partnering with Dr. Winnie Kortemeier of Western Nevada College, who has offered her expertise in the selection of sites of geologic interest around the Carson area and in the compilation of this trip guide, and also with the Nevada Division of Minerals, who have opened their office on the weekend for parking and use of facilities by participants. Some Nevada Division of Minerals geologic staff members are also participating in the field trip and are available to answer questions.

We will travel from central Carson City to several sites in and around its outskirts and discuss a wide variety of topics such as earthquake and volcanic hazards, watersheds, water use and planning, mineral resources, weathering and erosion, rockfall hazards, bedrock geology, and geologic history and how these topics have impacted human history in Nevada in general, and regional development in the Carson City area.

Along the way, we will visit several sites where we can examine and collect a variety of interesting rocks that help earth scientists explain the geologic history of the area. The field trip is designed to offer a high-quality field-based Earth science educational experience to all, and it should provide any participating teachers with an array of potential venues for class field trips. Materials and ideas will be shared on how to facilitate field-based learning for K-12 classes.

Original Product Code: E56