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Interpretation of leached outcrops [BOOK]

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Product Code: B066

Title: Interpretation of leached outcrops

Author: Roland Blanchard
Year: 1968
Series: Bulletin 66
Format: 212 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, 28 b/w drawings, 80 b/w photos (including 10 photomicrographs), 22 color photos (labeled as plates), 8 tables (including 1 oversized), 4 appendices

Part I describes the various processes and substances involved in the creation of leached outcrops including an explanation of the term limonite, and the precipitation of iron and silica compounds from solution.

Part II describes the oxidation products of 19 sulfide and non-sulfide minerals and examples of their various oxidation products; references and index.

Original Product Code: B66

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