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Living with earthquakes in Nevada [INTERNAL USE ONLY]
Living with earthquakes in Nevada [INTERNAL USE ONLY]


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Product Code: SP027F

Title:  Living with earthquakes in Nevada
Author:  Craig M. dePolo, Lucy K. Jones, Diane M. dePolo, and Susan Tingley
Year:  2010
Series No.:  Special Publication 27f
Format:  3rd edition, 38 pages in color. The SP27f copies are to be used only for free distribution approved by Terri, Jon, or Craig - not to be used as sales copies. Previous editions: 1st edition (2000) - 36 pages in color, 2nd edition (2008, newspaper edition): 40 pages in color

This handbook identifies the earthquake threat to Nevada and reviews earthquake safety, how to be prepared for earthquakes, and mitigation of hazards from shaking and fault offset.  

Original Product Code:  SP27f