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Geologic map of the Toquima caldera complex, central Nevada [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]

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Product Code: M098Z

Title: Geologic map of the Toquima caldera complex, central Nevada

Author: David R. Boden
Year: 1992
Series: Map 98z
Format: digital file only, 1.04 GB, zipped (includes PDF, 46 x 39 inches, full color; 8 page text)
Scale: 1:48,000

A very detailed 1:48,000-scale geologic map of the Mount Jefferson, Moores Creek, and Trail Canyon calderas in the central Toquima Range, with four cross sections. Geologic setting, eruptive centers, structural evolution, and mineralization are discussed in the accompanying text.

This map covers all or parts of the following USGS quadrangles in northern Nye County: Carvers NE, Carvers SE, Round Mountain, Jet Spring, Mount Jefferson, Jefferson, Northumberland Pass, Pine Creek Ranch, and Corcoran Canyon.

This directory contains the digital version of Map 98.

Order as M098 for the paper version (see "Related items" on this page for link).

About the Digital Files
From ReadMe file (April 29, 2015)

Please read the METADATA for detailed information on the geology in the METADATA directory. The METADATA for the USGS files (DRGs) can be found on the FGDC metadata clearinghouse (http://www.fgdc.gov).

This digital conversion project was undertaken by the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey STATEMAP Program.

Folders containing files:
| |\geodatabase (Contains the ESRI geodatabase files for the map)
| |\images (Contains different types of images)
| |\georeferenced (Georeferenced map that was converted to GIS)
| |\Original (Original paper map)
| |\layerfiles (ESRI ArcGIS layer files of each layer in the table of contents of the ArcMap MXD file)
| |\shapefiles (ESRI shape files for each layer in the ArcMap table of contents of the ArcMap MXD file)
| \docs (metadata folder)
| |\metadata (contains the metadata as a text file (.txt)for:
| | Geodatabase
| | FeatureDataSet
| | Each FeatureClass in the Geology FeatureDataSet
|\maps (contains the final ESRI ArcGIS 9.3.1 ArcMap MXD file, and PDF of final map).

The symbol and image files listed above contain graphic symbol information about associated line, point, and polygon features found on the published map but that may not have been fully identified in the present format of the feature line, point, or polygon attribute file. The layer files are provided here for use with the geologic map digital conversion as an aid to a graphic presentation of the full data set. The files can be utilized in ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 sp1 version.

Conversion Process
The original paper map that had been scanned on a large format table scanner, then the .tiff image was georeferenced using 4 reference points. Then, the map was digitized using ArcGIS ArcMap 9.3.1 for all features (lines, points, and cross sections). Then, polygons (GeoPolys) were created from the lines (GeoLines) and points (GeoPoints) to define the geologic unit polygons. Other point features on the printed map were digitized as points (GeoPoints) and defined using a definition query to define the type of point. Line errors were checked using two Topology rules: Lines Must Not Have Dangles, Lines Must Not Have Pseudo Nodes. The features were digitized in real world coordinates with the projection of: UTM projection, units in meters, zone 11, and a datum of NAD83. Polygon units (GeoPoints) were digitized and attributed in ArcGIS 9.3.1 and joined to the domain database. All work was checked for accuracy by NBMG staff members other than the person who digitized the work.


Original Product Code: M98z

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