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A dinosaur lives in Red Rock Canyon
A dinosaur lives in Red Rock Canyon

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Title: A dinosaur lives in Red Rock Canyon

Author: Marvin (Nick) Saines
Year: 2015
Format: paperback, 34 pages, color
ISBN: 978-0-692-34912-0

Two hikers come across some unusual tracks. Were they made by a very large bird, or something else? They sure look like dinosaur footprints, but how could that be? Unless...

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, near Las Vegas, Nevada, is a real Jurassic Park - with towering cliffs of Jurassic sandstone. Recently, dinosaur footprints were found in the Jurassic rock.

This story is about a dinosaur that comes to life in Red Rock Canyon by lightning hitting a fossilized dinosaur egg in the rock. The dinosaur tries to find out who he is. He meets desert dwellers including a chuckwalla, desert tortoise, and gila monster and learns that he is not one of them. He asks them how they survive in the desert. A bighorn sheep takes him to a fossil dinosaur footprint and finally to fossil dinosaur bones, where he learns the sad truth about what happened to the dinosaurs. The dinosaur realizes he is all alone in the world. But lightning hits another dinosaur egg and a female dinosaur is hatched. He rescues her from a flash flood and they walk off together into the back country of Red Rock Canyon. Hikers discover their footprints and recognize that they look like dinosaur tracks, but think they must be made by large birds: "But wouldn't that be cool if dinosaurs were living today in Red Rock Canyon?!" This book can be read by older children. Younger children enjoy having it read to them.

Interpretive naturalist/geologist Nick Saines tells the story, with illustrations by Las Vegas artist Jonathan A. Kaplan, utilizing superb photographs of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

© Copyright 2015 by Marvin (Nick) Saines
The author retains sole copyright.