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University of Nevada, Reno
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Easy, full access to Nevada’s geoscience information and samples is the vision of the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library (GBSSRL). The GBSSRL is a unique resource facility that collects, catalogs, and develops databases for geologic samples, exploratory cores, drill-hole logs, geologic and mine maps, rock assays, mining records and reports, aerial photographs, and many other items related to the geology, geologic hazards, and the mineral and energy resources of Nevada. These items are physically available at the Library and are being scanned and uploaded to the World Wide Web.


The GBSSRL was constructed in 2009 and houses over 350,000 mining and geologic samples and records. These collections are invaluable for Nevada and have been of great benefit to private industry and individuals; the state, county, and local governments; and federal agencies.

The GBSSRL preserves the results of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of exploration, mining, and geological studies. Many of these samples and records are from mines and outcrops that are no longer accessible, including those that have been long closed, restricted, buried, or mined.

The GBSSRL collections are exceedingly valuable for new exploration, mining, and geoscience studies and have resulted in enhanced exploration that could not have otherwise been conducted.

The GBSSRL seeks to grow and maintain a vibrant Library, continue to acquire (sometimes rescuing) geologic samples and cores, and incorporate them into the collection.

Accessing the resources of this collection at the GBSSRL is easy with convenient parking, and much of it is available by browsing the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology website.


Donors can help build an endowment to assist with the operation of the Library and ensure that these remarkable resources will continue to exist and be universally accessible for future generations. Database collection systems and web applications need to be developed further to make the GBSSRL collection more visible and accessible.

Building a GBSSRL endowment to a minimum of $1.4 million would support critical operations of the Library and partially support a staff position to run the Library. Operational costs include basic supplies for housing and preserving existing and future collections, as well as computer equipment for digitizing and displaying collections. Funds generated by our endowment can be multiplied by using them as matching funds, which are required by many federal grants.


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