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Aeromagnetic map of Nevada: Winnemucca sheet

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Product Code: M092

Title: Aeromagnetic map of Nevada: Winnemucca sheet

Author: K.S. Kirchoff-Stein
Year: 1988
Series: Map 92
Format: 36.5 x 22 inches, b/w
Scale: 1:250,000

Map of the Winnemucca 1- by 2-degree quadrangle showing the total intensity of the earth's magnetic field at intervals of 20 and 100 gammas; topographic base with township and range grid; inset map showing merged aeromagnetics at 1:1,000,000; also includes sources of aeromagnetic data, source of geology, and references. Prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey. Map is printed on translucent paper to allow user to overlay on same scale geology which is available as Map 50.

Original Product Code: M92