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Mining districts of Nevada (second edition) [COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS]
Mining districts of Nevada (second edition) COMPLETE DIGITAL PRODUCT WITH GIS

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Product Code: R047Z

Title: Mining districts of Nevada (second edition)

Author: Joseph V. Tingley
Year: 1998
Series: Report 47z
Format: 37 MB: 128 pages, one 27 x 34 inches, color plate
Scale: 1:1,000,000

The following files are included in the GIS zip folder: ACROBAT, minedist, and report47.

This is an updated and revised 1:1,000,000 scale map of mining districts in Nevada. The polygons that depict the mining districts are only a representation of the data presented; they are not meant to be an accurate, ground-truthed characterization of the data. The map unit delineations are closed polygons that depict 534 individual mining districts for the state of Nevada. The mining districts are either metallic or nonmetallic, and a summary of the extracted minerals is also included in the ARC/INFO export file and the ArcView shapefiles.

This report describes the 526 mining districts recognized in Nevada including their history, location, commodities produced or present, and alternate names. The 1:1,000,000-scale map shows actual area covered by each district. COMPLETE PRODUCT Text (.pdf, 6.2 Mb) Plate (.pdf, 2.2 Mb) Zip (.zip, 36Mb) CONTENTS Historical background Development of mining districts in Nevada Previous work Organization of report Acknowledgments District descriptions References Appendix A - List of Nevada mining district names Appendix B - Nevada mining districts listed by county Appendix C - Nevada mining districts listed by commodity Figure 1. - Record of proceedings of miners’ meeting at Gold Hill, 1859 Figure 2. - Mining laws of the Reese River mining district Figure 3. - DeGroot’s map of Nevada Territory, 1863 Figure 4. - Menardi’s map of Nevada, 1908 Plate 1 - Mining districts of Nevada For links to individual sections, click on “Text” link above.

Description of GIS files:

\R47 (mining districts of Nevada, 1998 version)

\Acrobat holds an Adobe Acrobat Reader for MAC and PC systems

\minedist holds the base data as shape files and E00 files
holds the theme data as shape files and E00 files.

e00_file\ (ARC/INFO export files)
cities.e00 (cities for the state)
county.e00 (state and county boundaries)
lat_long.e00 (latitude and longitude hashmarks around the state)
nvqd.e00 (7.5min quadrangles)
roads.e00 (roads for the state)
tr.e00 (township and range grid for the state)

shapefile\ (ArcView shapefiles)
cities_p (point)
county_a /county_p (arc and polygon)
lat_long (arc)
nvqdp (polygon)
roads_a (arc)
tr_a / tr_p (arc and polygon)

e00_file\ (ARC/INFO export file)
m_dist98.e00 (mining districts for the state)
shapefile\ (ArcView shapefiles)
mdist_a (arc)
mdist_p (polygon)
mdist_pt (point)

metadata\ detailed information about each of the ARC/INFO export files and each of the ArcView shapefiles.)

Interactive version of the mining district data:

Original Product Code: R47z

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