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Diatomite [POSTCARD]
Diatomite POSTCARD

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Product Code: PC003

Title: Diatomite

Author: photomicrographs courtesy of E. W. Harris
Year: 1978
Series: Postcard PC3
Format: postcard, 4.2 x 6 inches, full color

Diatomite, the white, glassy skeletal remains of microscopic organisms, so small that a cubic inch may contain over 50,000,000 individual diatoms. The types shown are only a few of the thousands of varieties known. Photomicrographs courtesy of E. W. Harris. Nevada is the second largest producer of diatomite in the U.S.; it is mined and processed in Churchill, Esmeralda, Lyon, Pershing, and Storey Counties. The Nevada deposits are accumulations formed millions of years ago in the bottoms of fresh-water lakes. Diatomite's unique microscopic cellular nature is the basis of its varied uses . . . as a filter of water, beer, sugar syrup . . . as a mineral filler in paper, plastics, paints, insecticides, matches . . . as an abrasive in polishes . . . as high-temperature insulation . . . as an oil absorbent . . . and in many other applications. For additional information on diatomite see B65 and M142.

Original Product Code: PC3