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Earthquakes in Nevada, 1852-1996 [OUT OF PRINT, SUPERSEDED BY MAP 179]
Earthquakes in Nevada, 1852-1996 OUT OF PRINT, SUPERSEDED BY MAP 179


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Product Code: M111

Title:  Earthquakes in Nevada, 1852-1996
Author:  Diane M. dePolo and Craig M. dePolo
Year:  1998
Series No.:  Map 111
Version:  superseded by Map 119 and Map 179
Format:  28 x 34 inches, color
Scale:  1:1,000,000

A 1:1,000,000-scale full-color shaded relief map of Nevada, showing locations and magnitudes of major earthquakes during the period 1852–1996. Prepared by the Seismological Laboratory, University of Nevada, Reno, in cooperation with the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council, the Nevada Division of Emergency Management, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Original Product Code:  M111