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Erionite and other associated zeolites in Nevada
Erionite and other associated zeolites in Nevada

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Title: Erionite and other associated zeolites in Nevada

Author: Keith G. Papke
Year: 1972
Series: Bulletin 79
Format: 36 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, 10 b/w drawings, 14 b/w photos (including 5 photomicrographs), 9 tables, 4 plates: plate 1, 1 inch = 100 feet and 1 inch = 400 feet, geologic maps, Eastgate deposit, Churchill County, 18 x 15 inches, 2 color; plate 2, 1 inch = 200 feet and 1 inch = 2000 feet, geologic maps, Jersey Valley deposit, Pershing County, 21 x 22 inches, 2 color; plate 3, 1 inch = 400 feet, geologic map, Pine Valley deposit, Eureka County, 17 x 11 inches, 2 color; plate 4, 1 inch = 400 feet, geologic map, Reese River deposit, Lander County, 14 x 12 inches, 2 color

Provides general information on zeolites: mineralogy, uses, and laboratory studies. The text then describes Nevada erionite deposits, their location, geology, and gives descriptions of the major deposits. Appendices describe additional erionite deposits in Nevada and other types of zeolite deposits in Nevada; references and index. Additional information on industrial minerals available on Map 46.

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