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Betting on industrial minerals: Proceedings of the 39th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals, Reno-Sparks, Nevada, May 18-24, 2003
Betting on industrial minerals: Proceedings of the 39th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals, Reno-Sparks, Nevada, May 18-24, 2003

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Title: Betting on industrial minerals: Proceedings of the 39th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals, Reno-Sparks, Nevada, May 18-24, 2003

Author: edited by Stephen B. Castor, Keith G. Papke, and Richard O. Meeuwig
Year: 2004
Series: Special Publication 33
Format: 294 pages

The 39th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals was held at John Ascuaga's Nugget Hotel and Casino in Sparks, Nevada, May 18-24, 2003. Forty-six papers and eleven posters were presented on industrial mineral deposits, geology, and mining issues in the United States and other countries including Canada, Egypt, Finland, Guatamala, Israel, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

List of Papers from Table of Contents

Paleoproterozoic Marbles in the Svecofennian Domain, Finland, by Timo Ahtola, Jukka Reinikainen, and Hannu Seppänen, page11

New Paradigms are Needed in Mining Reclamation and Visual Resource Management, by Belinda F. Arbogast, page 16

Turmoil in Western United States Perlite Markets in 2002, by J.M. Barker and K.N. Santini, page 21

Probable Bedrock Source of Sapphires in Alluvial Deposits North of Butte, Montana, by Richard B. Berg, page 23

Environmental Regulations and Their Effects on Industrial Minerals, by Jonathan M. Brown, page 31

Present Day Features Related to the Deposition of Trona at Owens Lake, California, and a Comparison with the Trona Deposits of the Green River Basin, by Neil Brown, Paul Lamos, and Iain Scarr, page 36

The Nevada Construction Aggregate Industry 2003, by Dennis P. Bryan, Stephen B. Castor, and Nathan E. Robison, page 41

Borates in Western North America, by Steven B. Carpenter and John T. Reynolds, page 51

Industrial Minerals and Rocks in Nevada, by Stephen B. Castor, page 57

Mountain Pass Rare Earth Deposit, California, by Stephen B. Castor and Geoffrey W. Nason, page 68

Discovery of Jadeite in Guatemala, by John G. Cleary, page 82

2000 Years of History—What Future for Ball Clay Extraction in the UK?, by John F. Cowley and Quentin G. Palmer, page 84

Sand and Gravel Resource Mapping in Alberta, Canada, by W.A.D. Edwards and H.D. Budney, page 94

World-Class Mineral Specimens from Carlin-Type Gold Deposits in the Great Basin, Western United States,
by Gregory C. Ferdock, page 97

Gold and the Nevada Economy, by Russell A. Fields, page 105

The Geology and Development of the Tucker Hill Perlite Deposit, Lake County, Oregon, by Gregory McN. French, page 107

Nevada Cement Company Plant and Raw Materials, Fernley, Nevada, by Scott Hardy, Bo Elgby, and Dennis P. Bryan, page 114

Decorative and Dimensional Stones of Wyoming—Trends and Issues, by Ray E. Harris, page 124

Cordierite (Iolite) and Corundum (Sapphire-Ruby): Potential Wyoming Gemstones, by W. Dan Hausel, page 130

The Road to Hungry Valley, by Fred G. Heivilin, page 139

Late Miocene Diatomite Formation Near Fernley, Nevada, by Michel D. Houseman, page 142

Carbonate Rock Production in Israel, by Arieh Itamar and Yaakov Mimran, page 153

An Overview of the Geology, Mining, Processing, and Uses of Industrial Sand and Gravel, by Jeffrey P. Jahn, page 157

Lacustrine Calcareous Diatomite and Its Mining History in East-Central Nebraska, USA, by R.M. Joeckel, S.T. Tucker, B.J. Ang Clement, and J.M. Swigart, page 162

Specimen Recovery at the Meikle and Murray Mines, Elko County, Nevada, by Casey Jones and Jane Jones, page 177

Characteristics of the Near-surface Brine Resources in the Newfoundland Basin, Tooele and Box Elder Counties, Utah, by James F. Kohler and William W. White, III, page 181

Developing Dimension Stone Deposits in Western North America, by Lance Mead, page 188

Geology of Nevada, by Jonathan G. Price, page 191

Ruby Garnet Operation, by K.N. Santini and J.M. Barker, page 201

High-Calcium Limestone Resources of Utah, by Bryce T. Tripp, page 205

Asbestos-Bearing Talc Deposits, Southern Death Valley Region, California, by Bradley S. Van Gosen, Heather A. Lowers, Stephen J. Sutley, and Carol A. Gent, page 215

The IMV Story—Sepiolite and Saponite, by Bill Wahl and Keith Papke, page 224

Processes Related to the Formation of Neogene Lacustrine Sediments and Diatomite Deposits, Great Basin Region, by Alan R. Wallace, page 229

Replenishment of Salt to the Bonneville Salt Flats: Results of the 5-Year Experimental Salt Laydown Project,
by W.W. White III, page 243

Hunting an Elusive Quarry: Geology and Early Stone Architecture in Ohio, by Mark E. Wolfe, page 263

Hydrogeology of Clayton Valley Brine Deposits, Esmeralda County, Nevada, by Danny Zampirro, page 271

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