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Geologic map of the Ute quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada [MAP ONLY]
Geologic map of the Ute quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada MAP ONLY



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Title: Geologic map of the Ute quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada Author: Craig M. dePolo and Wanda J. Taylor Year: 2012 Series No.: Map 177a Version: supersedes Open-File Report 10-9 Format: plate: 44 x 27.5 inches, color; 17-page color text not included; order as Map 177 for map and text Scale: 1:24,000 A 1:24,000-scale, color geologic map of the Ute 7.5-minute quadrangle in Clark County, Nevada with descriptions of 59 geologic units and 2 cross sections. Text including full unit descriptions and references is not included. See Map 177 for map and text. GIS zip file also available separately.

The Ute quadrangle covers the central part of the California Wash basin and a small section of the westernmost North Muddy Mountains, where Paleozoic and Mesozoic rocks were highly deformed by the Sevier orogeny. Tertiary and Quaternary sedimentary rocks record the history of basin filling and dissection. Noteworthy on the quadrangle are several resistant Quaternary petrocalcic surfaces, with as much as Stage VI carbonate development, that form pediment caps on the Tertiary basin deposits. The map includes the northern part of the Holocene-active California Wash fault and the southernmost part of the Quaternary-active Hogan Spring fault. Original Product Code: M177a