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Gold and silver resources in Nevada [GIS FILES AND PDF ON CD-ROM]
Gold and silver resources in Nevada GIS FILES AND PDF ON CD-ROM

Price: $45.00

Product Code: M149D

Title: Gold and silver resources in Nevada

Author: David A. Davis, Joseph V. Tingley, and John L. Muntean
Year: 2006
Series: Map 149d
Version: supersedes Map 120
Format: CD-ROM (GIS files and PDF)
Scale: 1:1,000,000

This CD-ROM contains the map as a PDF, the shaded relief base for Nevada, the base layer with roads/contours/place names/etc., the GIS shapefile of deposit points, and a georeferenced TIFF of Map 149, "Gold and Silver Resources of Nevada" (a 1:1,000,000-scale map of Nevada showing locations of known or inferred gold and silver resources and reserves discovered since 1930. Some deposits were discovered and mined out prior to 1930, but new resources and/or reserves were discovered on the site afterwards. The resources are classified as gold or silver according to which commodity has the higher value based on a gold:silver ratio of 1:64. This ratio is based on the average gold and silver prices between 2000 and 2004: $328 per ounce of gold and $5.08 per ounce of silver (U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Commodity Summaries, 2005). Several base-metal and industrial-mineral deposits are also shown because they contain significant gold and/or silver. The major commodity of these particular deposits is given in parentheses. The sources of information include published and unpublished literature, company reports, NBMG Mineral Industry series and county Bulletins, the Internet, and individuals working in the mining industry.

Original Product Code: M149d

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