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Gypsum from Nevada [POSTCARD]
Gypsum from Nevada POSTCARD

Price: $0.25

Product Code: PC009

Title: Gypsum from Nevada

Author: photo by J. Scovil
Year: 2005
Series: Postcard PC9
Format: postcard, 4 x 6 inches, full color

Gypsum from Nevada, crystals to 12 cm, Robinson district, White Pine County. W.M. Keck Museum, University of Nevada, Reno. Photo by J.Scovil. Gypsum (CaSO? ? 2H?O) is a common mineral that occurs in evaporite deposits, in caves and as a secondary mineral in some hydrothermal deposits. Large deposits are mined in Nevada for use in wallboard, plaster of paris, portland cement, and for other uses. For more information see Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Special Publication 31, Minerals of Nevada, for sale by NBMG.

Original Product Code: PC9