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Industrial mineral deposits of Mineral County, Nevada [OUT OF PRINT]
Industrial mineral deposits of Mineral County, Nevada OUT OF PRINT


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Title:  Industrial mineral deposits of Mineral County, Nevada
Author:  N. L. Archbold
Year:  1966
Series No.:  Report 14
Format:  36 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, 13 b/w drawings, 1 plate--1:250,000, industrial mineral deposits, 23 x 29 inches, b/w
Scale:  1:250,000

The industrial (nonmetallic) deposits of Mineral County including diatomite, clay, saline playas, fluorite, barite, gypsum, andalusite and corundum, pumice and perlite, stone, limestone, sand and gravel, and miscellaneous minor commodities; references.  An overview of Mineral County is in Bulletin 58; locations of other industrial mineral deposits of Nevada can be found on Map 46; several publications are also available on individual industrial minerals such as gypsum (Bulletin 103), barite (Bulletin 98), fluorspar (Bulletin 93), salines (Bulletin 87), talc (Bulletin 84), erionite (Bulletin 79), and montmorillonite (Bulletin 76).

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