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Nevada geothermal resources [OUT OF PRINT, SUPERSEDED BY MAP 141]
Nevada geothermal resources OUT OF PRINT, SUPERSEDED BY MAP 141


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Title:  Nevada geothermal resources
Author:  Lisa Shevenell, Larry J. Garside, and Ronald H. Hess
Year:  2000
Series No.:  Map 126
Version:  superseded by Maps 141 and 161
Format:  25.5 x 32.5 inches, full color
Scale:  1:1,000,000

A 1:1,000,000-scale, full-color map showing geothermal resources in Nevada, including active direct-use applications and power plants as of June 2000. All known thermal springs and wells are shown on a shaded relief base map. Superseded by Maps 141 and 161 at 1:750,000 scale.

Original Product Code:  M126