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Placer mining in Nevada [OUT OF PRINT, SUPERSEDED BY BULLETIN 27]


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Title:  Placer mining in Nevada
Author:  Alfred Merritt Smith and Wm. O. Vanderburg [William O. Vanderburg]
Year:  1932
Series No.:  Bulletin 18
Format:  106 pages, 9 x 6 inches, 9 b/w drawings, 25 b/w photos, 3 tables, 1 plate--1 inch =40 miles, location of placer deposits, 15 x 10 inches, b/w

Discussion of many aspects of placer mining including history, production, general geology, prospecting and sampling, methods and equipment, how bullion is sold, and placer mining laws; a detailed listing of placer occurrences by county and district, and a selected bibliography are included.  Prepared in cooperation with the USBM; originally published as University of Nevada Bulletin, v. 26, no. 8, December 15, 1932; updated in Bulletin 27.  

Original Product Code:  B18