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Reno folio: Slope map
Reno folio: Slope map

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Product Code: UM4AB

Title: Reno folio: Slope map

Author: U.S. Geological Survey
Year: 1973
Series: Urban Map 4Ab
Format: 21 x 29 inches, full color map
Scale: 1:24,000

Map of the Reno 7.5-minute quadrangle showing the steepness, or slope, of the land surface as color areas that represent five ranges of percent of slope. Prepared cooperatively by the U.S. Geological Survey. Map was generated using a special photographic process that can generate some minor non-factual images. Other maps in the NBMG Urban Map series for the Reno Quadrangle include Tinted relief (4Aa), Land use (4Ac), Soils (4Ad), Vegetation (4Ae), Hydrology (4Af), Geology (4Ag), Energy and mineral resources (4Ah), Earthquake hazards (4Ai), and Physical properties (4Aj). See figure 3 for other quadrangles in the Urban Map series.

Original Product Code: 4Ab