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Total instrumental analysis of rocks [OUT OF PRINT--CALL FOR PHOTOCOPY]
Total instrumental analysis of rocks OUT OF PRINT--CALL FOR PHOTOCOPY



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Title:  Total instrumental analysis of rocks:  Part A, X-ray spectrographic determination of all major oxides in igneous rocks, and precision and accuracy of a direct pelletizing method, by Alexis Volborth; Part B, Oxygen determination in rocks by neutron activation, by Alexis Volborth; Part C, Section 1, Semiquantitative X-ray spectrographic determination of 38 elements in a Nevada granite and in standard granite G-1, by Alexis Volborth and Brent Fabbi;  Part C, Section 2, Quantitative X-ray fluorescent trace analysis for 20 elements in igneous rocks, by Brent Fabbi and Alexis Volborth.
Author:  Alexis Volborth and Brent Fabbi
Year:  1963
Series No.:  Report 6
Format:  two books (Parts A and B together; and Part C). Part A: 84 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, 18 b/w drawings, 3 b/w photos, 30 tables, 1 appendix; Part B: 17 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, 2 b/w drawings, 3 b/w photos, 1 table; Part C: 58 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, 4 b/w drawings, 2 tables (including 1 oversized).

Precision, accuracy, speed and simplicity of total instrumental analysis of all major and most minor elements in rocks and minerals by combining X-ray emission and neutron activation techniques; sections on pelletizing, apparatus, and procedures; appendix of sample locations; references.  The methods discussed in Part A were first presented September 1962 at the Tenth Annual Norelco Western X-ray Diffraction and Spectrographic School in San Francisco. Part C was first presented at the XIII Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale in Ottawa, Canada, 1967.  

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