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Turbulent times in the Truckee Meadows
Turbulent times in the Truckee Meadows



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Title: Turbulent times in the Truckee Meadows

Author: D.D. LaPointe and J.G. Price
Year: 1999
Series: Educational Series 33
Format: 4 pages, brochure, b/w

Earth Science Week--Field trip no. 1 for families and rockhounds

This field trip explores evidence for such catastrophic events as volcanoes, volcanic mudflows, floods, and earthquakes in the northern Truckee Meadows and surrounding areas. We will have an opportunity to collect black hornblende crystals in a dark andesitic lava flow as well as white to clear quartz crystals from a shallow hydrothermal system. We will also compare vegetation differences between stops and explore reasons for those differences.

Trip Highlights:
Stop 1: Truckee Meadows
Stop 2: Mayberry Park
Stop 3: Verdi
Stop 4: Crystal Peak Mine

Original Product Code: E33