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Turquoise from Nevada [POSTCARD]
Turquoise from Nevada POSTCARD

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Product Code: PC002

Title: Turquoise from Nevada

Author: photo courtesy of the Nevada Magazine
Year: 1978
Series: Postcard PC2
Format: postcard, 5.75 x 4.2 inches, full color

Turquoise from Nevada, much of the finest, gem-quality turquoise used in Indian jewelry comes from Nevada mines. Photo courtesy of the Nevada Magazine. Turquoise is a complex mixture of copper, aluminum, phosphate, and water, and is found in veins, seams, and nodules in a variety of rocks. it varies greatly in color from the highly-prized shades of blue, green, and blue green to almost white or gray. More information can be found in B65 and R17.

Original Product Code: PC2