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The ventilating-system at the Comstock mines, Nevada [PHOTOCOPY]

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Title: The ventilating-system at the Comstock mines, Nevada

Author: George J. Young
Year: 1909
Series No.: Bulletin 3
Format: 57 pages, 9 x 6 inches, 15 b/w drawings, 32 tables, 1 appendix

A discussion of temperatures-surface, underground, and water; ventilating systems in general and in detail; measurements of ventilating currents-temperature and velocity; operating expense; underground humidity and heat; physiological effects of working in high temperature and humidity; and an appendix by P. Frandsen discussing physiological effects on miners as measured by blood tests Originally a paper presented at the Spokane meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, September 1909, and reprinted from AIME Bulletin, no. 35, November 1909 as University of Nevada Bulletin, v. 3, no. 4, October 1, 1909; additional information on Comstock mine engineering is available in Bulletin 37 and Bulletin 45.

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