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A geologic and natural history tour through Nevada and Arizona along U.S. Highway 93, with GPS coordinates Minerals of Nevada [POSTER]
Minerals of Nevada [HARDCOVER] 50 millionth ounce of gold! [POSTER]
Rocks, gemstones, minerals, and fossils in Nevada Gold from water (and other mining scams)
Geologic and natural history tours in the Reno area: Expanded edition Geologic tours in the Las Vegas area: Expanded edition with GPS coordinates
Mining claim procedures for Nevada prospectors and miners (sixth edition) [PHOTOCOPY] Turquoise deposits of Nevada
Opal from Nevada [POSTCARD] Wulfenite from Nevada [POSTCARD]
Stibnite from Nevada [POSTCARD] Realgar and fluorite from Nevada [POSTCARD]
Olivenite from Nevada [POSTCARD] Slide Mountain, Nevada [POSTCARD]
Peavine Peak [POSTCARD] Gypsum from Nevada [POSTCARD]
Gold from Nevada [POSTCARD] Geologic map of Nevada [POSTCARD]
Mackay School of Mines [POSTCARD] Ichthyosaurs [POSTCARD]
Cinnabar from Nevada [POSTCARD] Diatomite [POSTCARD]
Turquoise from Nevada [POSTCARD] Simon & Schuster's guide to rocks and minerals
National Audubon Society field guide to North American rocks and minerals Rocks and minerals (DK Smithsonian Handbooks)
What's so mysterious about meteorites? Rocks from space--meteorites and meteorite hunters (second edition)
Rocks and minerals cards Familiar rocks and minerals of North America (National Audubon Society Pocket Guide)
Rocks and minerals (DK Pockets) A field guide to rocks and minerals (fifth edition)
Recreational gold prospecting for fun and profit Gem trails of Nevada
Placer gold deposits of Nevada The rockhound and prospector's bible
Some Nevada rocks and minerals: Box containing 18 specimens of Nevada rocks and minerals Nevada's metal and mineral production (1859-1940, inclusive)
Placer mining in Nevada [PHOTOCOPY] Nevada geology calendar 2017
Roadside geology of Nevada