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NBMG county bulletins are an excellent resource for rockhounding and prospecting.

You can stock up on topographic maps from NBMG for your next adventure.

Check out the mineral postcard series or browse books and maps available below.

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Rocks and Minerals in the Silver State (from Nevada Magazine, Summer 2021)

Rock Hounding Roundup (from Nevada Magazine, Spring 2024)

Rock Collecting, Land Status, and Mining Claims: An Overview
"This video reviews where rocks and minerals can be collected, how much can be collected, mining claims, staking mining claims, filing on mining claims, and an introduction to land status research so collectors and claimants know where they can collect or stake claims in Nevada." [from Nevada Division of Minerals Open Data]

Collecting on Public Lands (BLM)

Remember to Stay Out and Stay Alive!
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Minerals of Nevada HARDCOVER Rocks, gemstones, minerals, and fossils in Nevada
Gold from water (and other mining scams) Mining claim procedures for Nevada prospectors and miners (sixth edition, revised December 2019) PHOTOCOPY
Turquoise deposits of Nevada What's so mysterious about meteorites?
Rocks from space--meteorites and meteorite hunters (second edition) Rocks and minerals cards
A field guide to rocks and minerals (fifth edition) Gem trails of Nevada
Placer gold deposits of Nevada Rockhounding Nevada
The rockhound and prospector's bible Some Nevada rocks and minerals: Box containing 18 specimens of Nevada rocks and minerals
Fluorspar in Nevada Mineral and water resources of Nevada
Fluorspar in Nevada
Price: $10.00
Antimony deposits of Nevada Nevada's metal and mineral production (1859-1940, inclusive)
Placer mining in Nevada A table for the identification of Nevada's common minerals, with notes on their occurrence and use
CA north gold and gems maps Rocks minerals coloring book
Gem trails of northern CA NV gold and gems maps