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Late Cenozoic evolution of the southern Great Basin
Late Cenozoic evolution of the southern Great Basin



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Title: Late Cenozoic evolution of the southern Great Basin

Author: Michael A. Ellis
Year: 1989
Series: Open-File Report 1989-01
Format: edited

Selected papers from a workshop including: Overview of the role of strike-slip and norml faulting in the Neogene history of the region northeast of Death Valley, California-Nevada, by Lauren Wright; Timing and rela- tion of volcanism of Cenozoic extension in east-central Nevada, by Wanda Taylor and John Bartley; Isostatic uplift, crustal attenuation, and the evolution of an exten- sional detachment system in southwestern Nevada, by Robert B. Scott; Structuralgeology of the Indian Springs 1:100,000 quadrangle, southern Nevada, and the role of mantle-tapping in Great Basin volcanism, by Peter L. Guth; Mid-Miocene igneous rocks in the Lake Mead area of Nevada and Arizona-production of intermediate igneous rocks in an extensional environment, by Eugene "accommodation zones" in rifted continental crust-an example from the southern Basin and Range province, by James E. Faulds, Chris K. Mawer, John W. Geissman; Lake Valley, Nevada, by Thomas L. Sawyer; The use of the relative comparison approach at Yucca Mountain and similarities between Yucca Moun- tain and the 1932 Cedar Mountain earthquake area, by Craig M. dePolo, John W. Bell, and Alan R. Ramelli; Application of a refined method for determining prin- cipal stress orientations in southern Nevada, by Virgil A. Frizzell and Mary Lou Zoback; Paleomagnetic research in the Basin and Range province, western United States- historical perspective, applications, and limitations, by John William Geissman, Mark R. Hudson, James T. Faulds, James T. Callian, Steve S. Harlan, Qing Huang, and Yianping Li; Earthquake clustering near Mina, Nevada, July and August 1987; by Kenneth D. Smith, William R. Walter, Raul R. Castro, Keith F. Priestley, and Abdol R. Anooshepoor; Source parameters of the 1987 Edgecumbe New Zealand earthquake, by Keith F. Priestley and Russel Robinson; Rates and patterns of piedmont evolution in the southwest Basin and Range, by John Dohrenwend; Late Quaternary paleoclimate studies-geologic problems and questions, by Emily M. Taylor; all articles but the last two have references. Papers originally presented at a workshop at the Univer- sity of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, November 10-13, 1987, under the auspices of the Center for Neotectonic Studies, convened by D. B. Slemmons, R. A. Schweickert, and J. W. Bell.

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