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Nevada geologic map index update 2001 [SUPERSEDED BY ONLINE INFO]
Nevada geologic map index update 2001 SUPERSEDED BY ONLINE INFO



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Product Code: OF2002-01
superseded by online information

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Title: Nevada geologic map index update 2001

Author: Ronald H. Hess and Michael D. Dennis
Year: 2002
Series: Open-File Report 2002-01
Version: supersedes Open-File Report 97-2, superseded by updated online information
Format: CD-ROM

This CD-ROM supersedes OF97-2 (Interactive index of geologic mapping in Nevada), and lists 2,202 geologic maps for Nevada. The maximum extent of each map and the associated reference can be viewed with ArcView, version 3x. If you do not have ArcView or ARC/INFO, the data can still be accessed with a dBASE III+ compatible program or spreadsheet program. You can also access the data through your browser using an HTML page contained on the CD.

A zip file is available on the NBMG website.

You may access a similar but updated database online at USGS National Geologic Map Database.

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Original Product Code: OF021