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How can I find U.S. Bureau of Mines publications?
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"After 85 years of service, the U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM) closed in 1996. Certain functions, such as the collection, analysis, and dissemination of minerals information, have been returned to the U.S. Geological Survey. For information on former USBM programs or publications, please see the following sources:

The National Technical Reports Library (part of the National Technical information Service) has a "legacy" collection of USBM publications dating from 1910-1996. These publications represent most of the research work done by the USBM in the fields of mining technology, mine safety and health, and the mineral industry.


The Minerals Information Program was transferred to U.S. Geological Survey, now a part of our Mineral Resources Program. Send an email to minerals@usgs.gov


Interlibrary loan - get assistance from a reference librarian at a public or private library.

USGS information about mines is on our Mineral Resources Online Spatial Data website."


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Processing gold ores using heap leach carbon adsorption methods

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Occurrence and recovery of certain minor metals in smelting refining of copper

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Evaluation of technology for the recovery of metallurgical grade alumina from coal ash

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Agglomeration heap leaching operation in the precious metals industry

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Production of high purity gold from zinc precipitates and steel wool cathodes by hydrometallurgical refining

Price: $10.00
Agglomeration and heap leaching of finely ground precious metal bearing tailings

Price: $10.00
Precious metals recovery from low grade resources

Price: $10.00
Cyanide chemistry: Precious metals processing and waste treatment

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Factors related to laboratory production and evaluation of berlinite crystal

Price: $10.00