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File names ending in "z" are GIS files. File names ending in "y" are PDF files.

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B058y—Geology and mineral deposits of Mineral County, Nevada
B059y—Geology and mineral deposits of Humboldt County, Nevada
B062y—Geology and mineral deposits of Clark County, Nevada
B064y—Geology and mineral resources of Eureka County, Nevada
B070y—Geology and mineral deposits of Washoe and Storey counties, Nevada
B071z—Geology of parts of the Wadsworth and Churchill Butte quadrangles, Nevada
B073y—Geology and mineral deposits of Lincoln County, Nevada
B075y—Geology and mineral deposits of Lyon, Douglas, and Ormsby counties, Nevada
B077y—Geology and mineral deposits of southern Nye County, Nevada
B078y—Geology and mineral deposits of Esmeralda County, Nevada
B083y—Geology and mineral deposits of Churchill County, Nevada
B085y—Geology and mineral resources of White Pine County, Nevada
B086y—Geology of the Majuba Hill area, Pershing County, Nevada
B088y—Geology and mineral deposits of Lander County, Nevada
B089y—Geology and mineral deposits of Pershing County, Nevada
B092z—Geology of the Tonopah, Lone Mountain, Klondike, and northern Mud Lake quadrangles, Nevada
B098y—Barite in Nevada
B099Ay—Geology of northern Nye County, Nevada
B099By—Mineral resources of northern Nye County, Nevada
B101y—Geology of Elko County, Nevada
B106y—Mineral resources of Elko County, Nevada
B109z—Geology and mineral deposits of the Antler Peak 7.5-minute quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada
B111z—Gold deposits of the Carlin trend

Field Studies
FS001z—Geologic map of the Bettles Well quadrangle, Nevada
FS002z—Geologic map of the Robinson Summit quadrangle, Nevada
FS003z—Geologic map of the Bedell Flat quadrangle, Nevada
FS005z—Geologic map of the Job Peak quadrangle, Nevada
FS006z—Geologic map of the Mina quadrangle, Nevada
FS008z—Geologic map of the Pintail Bay quadrangle, Nevada
FS009z—Geologic map of the Pirouette Mountain quadrangle, Nevada
FS011z—Geologic map of the Bell Canyon quadrangle, western Nevada
FS012z—Geologic map of the Bell Mountain quadrangle, western Nevada
FS013z—Geologic map of the Delvada Spring quadrangle, Nevada
FS014z—Geologic map of the Hot Springs Peak quadrangle and the southeastern part of the Little Poverty quadrangle, Nevada
FS015z—Geologic map of the Frazier Creek quadrangle, Nevada
FS016z—Geologic map of the Third Butte East quadrangle, Nevada
FS017z—Geologic map of the Mormon Jack Pass quadrangle, Nevada
FS020z—Geologic map of the Little Horse Canyon quadrangle, Nevada and Utah
FS021z—Geologic map of the Old Mans Canyon quadrangle, Nevada

M020z—Preliminary geologic map of the Diamond Springs quadrangle, Nevada
M059z—Geologic map of the New Empire quadrangle
M063z—Geologic map of the Camp Douglas quadrangle, Nevada
M067z—Geologic map of the Henderson quadrangle, Nevada
M074z—Geologic map of the Moho Mountain quadrangle, Nevada
M076z—Geologic map of the Rye Patch Reservoir South quadrangle, Nevada
M077z—Geologic map of the Yerington district, Nevada
M081z—Geologic map of the Boulder Beach quadrangle, Nevada
M082z—Geologic map of the State Line Peak quadrangle, Nevada-California
M088z—Geologic map of the Buckskin Mountain quadrangle, Nevada
M097z—Geologic map of the Mineral Hill quadrangle, Nevada
M101z—Geologic map of the Crater Flat area, Nevada
M102z—Geologic map of the Hoover Dam quadrangle, Arizona and Nevada
M104z—Geologic map of the Reveille quadrangle, Nevada
M105z—Geologic map of the Mount Davis quadrangle, Nevada and Arizona
M106z—Geologic map of the Fire Mountain quadrangle, Nevada and Arizona
M108z—Geologic map of the Castle Mountains, San Bernardino County, California and Clark County, Nevada
M109z—Geologic map of the Wonder Mountain quadrangle, Nevada
M110z—Geologic map of the Mount Blitzen quadrangle, Nevada
M112z—Geologic map of the northeastern Bullfrog Hills and vicinity, southern Nye County, Nevada
M113z—Geologic map of the Tule Springs Park quadrangle, Nevada
M114z—Geologic map of the Fairview Range and Grassy Mountain, Lincoln County, Nevada
M115z—Geologic map of the Eugene Mountains, northwestern Nevada
M116z—Geologic map of the Tuscarora quadrangle, Nevada
M117z—Geologic map of the southern part of the Toe Jam Mountain quadrangle, Nevada
M118z—Geologic map of the Carson City 30x60 minute quadrangle, Nevada
M121z—Geologic map of the Corn Creek Springs quadrangle, Nevada
M123z—Geologic map of the Blue Diamond SE quadrangle, Nevada
M124z—Geologic map of the Blue Diamond NE quadrangle, Nevada
M125z—Geologic map of the Lamoille quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada
M127z—Geologic map of the Frenchman Mountain quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada
M129z—Geologic map of the Lime Mountain quadrangle, Lincoln County, Nevada
M130z—Geologic map of the Battle Mountain quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada
M131z—Geologic map of the Stony Point quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada
M134z—Geologic map of the Nelson SW quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada
M135z—Geologic map of the Willow Creek Reservoir quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada
M136z—Geologic map of the Willow Creek Reservoir SE quadrangle, Elko, Eureka, and Lander counties, Nevada
M137z—Geologic map of the Hiller Mountains quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada, and Mohave County, Arizona
M138z—Geologic map of the Bobs Flat quadrangle, Eureka County, Nevada
M139z—Geologic map of the Callville Bay quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada and Mohave County, Arizona
M140z—Geologic map of the Government Wash quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada
M143z—Geologic map of the Beaver Peak quadrangle, Elko and Eureka counties, Nevada
M144z—Geologic map of the Mule Canyon quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada
M145z—Geologic map of the Big Bald Mountain quadrangle and part of the Tognini Spring quadrangle, White Pine County, Nevada
M146z—Geologic map of the Fraser Flat quadrangle and the west half of the Moses Rock quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada
M147z—Geologic map of the Verdi Peak quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada
M148z—Geologic map of the Dogskin Mountain quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada
M149z—Gold and silver resources in Nevada
M150z—Geologic map of parts of the Colorado, White River, and Death Valley groundwater flow systems, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona
M152z—Geologic map of the Nixon area, Washoe County, Nevada
M153z—Geologic map of the Wadsworth quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada
M154z—Geologic map of the Meadview North quadrangle, Mohave County, Arizona and Clark County, Nevada
M155z—Geologic map of the Santa Renia Fields quadrangle, Elko and Eureka counties, Nevada
M156z—Surficial geologic map of the Ivanpah Valley area, Clark County, Nevada
M157z—Geologic map of the Olinghouse quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada
M159z—Geologic map of the Cooper Peak quadrangle, Eureka County, Nevada
M161z—Nevada geothermal resources
M162z—Petroleum data map of Nevada
M166z—Geologic map of the Iceberg Canyon quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada and Mohave County, Arizona
M168z—Geologic map of the Lahontan Mountains quadrangle, Churchill County, Nevada (second edition)
M169z—Geologic map of the Vicksburg Canyon quadrangle, Humboldt County, Nevada
M170z—Nevada active mines and energy producers
M171z—Geologic map of the northern Pequop Mountains, Elko County, Nevada
M172z—Geologic map of the Wood Hills, Elko County, Nevada
M173z—Geologic map of the Grimes Point quadrangle, Churchill County, Nevada
M175z—Geologic map of the Gass Peak SW quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada
M176z—Geologic map of the Jean quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada
M177z—Geologic map of the Ute quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada
M181z—Geologic map of the Devils Throat quadrangle, Clark County, Nevada

Open-File Reports
OF1987-08z—Reconnaissance geologic map of the Granite Peak quadrangle, Nevada
OF1999-05z—Geologic map of the McTarnahan Hill quadrangle, Nevada (second edition)
OF1999-14z—Geologic map of the Pahrump quadrangle, Nevada
OF1999-16z—Active metal and industrial mines in Nevada--1999
OF2000-07z—Geologic map of the Argenta quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada
OF2000-08z—Geologic map of the Bateman Spring quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada
OF2000-09z—Geologic map of the Gardnerville quadrangle, Douglas County, Nevada
OF2001-03z—Nevada abandoned mines database compilation update
OF2003-08z—Preliminary Quaternary geologic map of the Yerington quadrangle, Lyon County, Nevada
OF2003-10z—Preliminary geologic map of the Tule Peak quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada
OF2003-11z—Preliminary geologic map of the Sixmile Spring quadrangle, Nevada and California
OF2003-12z—Preliminary geologic map of the Horse Springs quadrangle, Clark and Nye counties, Nevada
OF2003-13z—Preliminary geologic map of the Minden quadrangle, Douglas County, Nevada and Alpine County, California (second edition)
OF2003-14z—Preliminary geologic map of the south half of the Last Chance Range quadrangle, Nye County, Nevada
OF2003-17z—Preliminary geologic map of the Sutcliffe quadrangle, Nevada (second edition)
OF2003-22z—Preliminary geologic map of the Russells quadrangle, Lander County, Nevada
OF2003-27z—Preliminary geologic map of the Desert Peak-Brady geothermal fields, Churchill County, Nevada
OF2004-01z—Nevada oil and gas well database
OF2004-03z—Preliminary geologic map of the east half of the Pah Rah Mountain quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada
OF2004-09z—Digital GIS versions of plate 1 (Geology of the northern Carlin trend by Steve Moore) and plate 2 (Geology of the Maggie Creek district by John W. Norby) from NBMG Bulletin 111 (Gold deposits of the Carlin trend)
OF2006-16z—Preliminary geologic map of the Flowery Peak quadrangle, Storey and Lyon counties, Nevada
OF2006-19z—Nevada uranium and thorium occurrences
OF2007-07z—Assessment of the potential for carbon dioxide sequestration with enhanced oil recovery in Nevada
OF2010-02z—Preliminary geologic map of the Griffith Canyon quadrangle, Washoe County, Nevada

R047z—Mining districts of Nevada (second edition)
R051z—Preliminary assessment of the potential for carbon dioxide disposal
R052z—Assessment of the potential for carbon dioxide sequestration

Urban Maps
UM1Agz—Carson City folio: Geologic map
UM1Cgz—Genoa quadrangle: Geologic map
UM2Agz—South Lake Tahoe folio: Geologic map
UM2Bgz—Glenbrook quadrangle: Geologic map
UM2Cgz—Marlette Lake quadrangle: Geologic map
UM3Agz—Las Vegas SE folio: Geologic map
UM3Bgz—Las Vegas SW quadrangle: Geologic map
UM3Cgz—Las Vegas NE quadrangle: Geologic map
UM3Dgz—Las Vegas NW quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Agz—Reno folio: Geologic map
UM4Bgz—Mt. Rose NE quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Cgz—Reno NE quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Dgz—Reno NW quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Fgz—Steamboat quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Ggz—Verdi quadrangle: Geologic map
UM4Hgz—Vista folio: Slope map
UM5Agz—Washoe City folio: Geologic map